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Anywhere can be a Dental Clinic

Technology is amazing!  I am so fortunate to practice dentistry in a time when technology makes providing care so much easier.  Thanks to a generous donation by KavoKerr, Mason Gives received a Nomad X-ray gun and Dexis Sensor.  What does this mean to the non-dentite?  I can do a complete exam with radiographs just about ANYWHERE!  This is Juan.  Juan is a handyman and was working at the house next door.  My neighbor told him about who were are and what we are doing.  He knocked on our door and told me about pain he has been having on an upper front tooth.  I pulled out my laptop, sensor and Nomad and gave Juan a great exam with an explanation of what was going on.  With technology like this we are able to provide care in small towns and villages where only a few years ago we were not able to provide comprehensive care.  Thank you to KavoKerr for making this and many other exams possible.