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Mason Gives has one goal: We strive to improve the oral health of children by providing free dental care to children in impoverished areas throughout the world.

Why now?  We have been traveling to Guatemala for the past 8 years on humanitarian missions to provide care for Guatemalan children who otherwise would not receive any form of dental care.  During our first mission trip we were blown away by the dental needs these children have.  We quickly realized our 10-day mission trips were not even scratching the surface of what needs to be done there.  Nearly 5 years ago my wife and I put together a 5 Year Plan.  We wanted to see if we could arrange our lives in a way we could take a sabbatical away from our dental practice and serve the children of Guatemala.  During this 5-year planning period my wife and I completed several humanitarian trips together in Guatemala.   In the summer of 2016 we traveled there with our children to see if we could communicate, navigate and survive as a big American family in rural Guatemala.  As we went through our 5 year checklist we increased our desire to have this experience together as a family and serve the people of Guatemala.  As a family we are now in Guatemala and experiencing all She has to offer.  Share our journey with us.

Our family plan in Guatemala is:

  • Utilize our portable dental clinic and continue traveling to small villages and areas where there is no dental care.
  • Work with other non-profit organizations to provide dental care to children in need.
  • Develop relationships to help with future humanitarian missions.
  • Become fluent in Spanish.
  • Have an international, service-oriented experience with our family.
  • Do hard things!

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala is one of the most impoverished countries in the world.  The individuals in rural areas struggle with shelter, food and clothing.  Due to the struggle for basic needs, dental care is an extravagance.  Seeking dental care typically only arises when patients experience severe pain or swelling and care becomes an acute necessity.  We want to provide preventative dental education and intervention for these children before an extreme need arises.


Are you a dental professional interested in donating your time and services?  Contact us and we will provide information on upcoming group humanitarian missions.

Are you a scout, youth group or other humanitarian focused group?  If so, contact us and let us know how your group would like to help.  We have helped coordinate providing oral hygiene kits for thousands of children in need.

Every dollar donated will go towards bettering the lives of our patients.

(With a $100 donation you will ensure that a young or special needs child receives humane dental care under general anesthesia in a simple but effective healthcare facility in Guatemala.  We currently work with anesthesiologists in Guatemala to provide discounted anesthesia care for patients who would not be able to cooperate otherwise.  $100 is all it takes to ensure a healthy smile.)

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